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Le Gemme Onekh

ONEKH – Black Onyx from Middle East. An impenetrable black gemstone of powerful and ambivalent energy reserved for the strong-spirited. ONEKH, an ancient Levantine word that meant Onyx long ago, derives its mystery from Naram, the first Mesopotamian king, and god of the moon. The magnetic, night-black ambivalence of Onyx is sublimely illustrated by Malacensis Oud from Laos, an ingredient more valuable than gold, whose aura is as bewitching and supernatural as this blackest of gemstones. Leathery, animal and spicy, this natural Oud yields a dry yet sensually addictive quality when allied with Labdanum and warm ambery Resin. Signed by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier


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Olfactive Family

Oriental Oud


Olfactive Pyramid

Mandarin Essence, Oud, Smoked Labdanum



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