TULUM Bricks
x 6 Necklace

Cristina Ramella

Behind everyone there’s a story, keep it close to you with this amulet and capsule those special moments. Be the designer and personalize your own Bricks Necklace! You can choose between a letter, a simple Brick or a decorative Brick, available in 24K Gold Plated. Remember you can only add a maximum of 6 Bricks. The ultimate and finest way to express your own personality and those special moments that reminds you who you are.




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Cristina Ramella

Emerging Brands


This product incluedes 6 individual brick pieces, T, U, L,U, M and 1 chain all in 24k gold plated finish.


Base: 24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Bricks: 24K Gold Plated Bricks

Chain Length

55 cm, 21.6 in (Adjustable)


Comes with a protective felt bag and cardboard box


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TULUM Bricks
x 6 Necklace”

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