White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire

La Prairie

Light and how it interacts with the planes of the face – and in particular the graceful curve of the brow, the arc of the lid, the mystery of the lash line – is the defining element of the eye’s architecture. This architecture is subject to the play of shadows and highlights, of contours and recesses. The just measure of light is the fine balance between these elements. A rich cream that nourishes and comforts with deep moisture, White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire goes beyond mere brightening to reveal the extraordinary beauty of the eye.


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Helps restore the feeling of firmness and smooth out shadows and contrasts in the extended eye area while leaving skin feeling comforted, its elasticity and moisture levels improved.

Shields from the appearance of greyness due to pollution.

Reduces the appearance of brown spots, specifically on the cheekbones.

Attenuates redness and violet tints under the surface of the skin that cause under-eye darkness.

Diminishes the appearance of yellowness.


La Prairie

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White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire”

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