Notebook #146 Chinese Blue

The Blues Palette celebrates the history of blue pigments in art. Blue pigments carry a rich history of scientific invention, global trade and artistic workarounds. The Saffiano leather Notebook #146 in Chinese Blue is inspired by a synthetic pigment developed in China. The Notebook #146 is offered with lined silver-edged paper. All Fine Stationery products are manufactured in Italy, crafted with the finest Saffiano leather and high-quality 85 g/m² paper watermarked with the Montblanc emblem.


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This product line represents both Montblanc’s signature and tradition for excellence as well as a contemporary spirit.

There is a double bookmark, one matching the Notebook’s color, complemented by a gray one. The Notebook #146 is finished in fine gold-edged paper. All Fine Stationery products are manufactured in Italy with high-quality 70 g/m² paper and 96 sheets / 192 pages watermarked with the Montblanc emblem. Dimensions 150 x 210 mm.

Writing instruments from Montblanc stand out through their unmistakable elegance and exquisite workmanship. They accompany their owner for life. Over the course of its history, the characteristic Montblanc pen has become a timeless classic. The unmistakable Montblanc emblem decorates the cap of each writing instrument.



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150 x 210 x 13 mm


Light Blue


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